Global peace through soccer

Soccer, also referred to as football in different countries, is among the most well-known and famous sport worldwide. Its parent body, FIFA, had estimated that there are 250 million people who play this game. This estimation was performed at the start of the current century, i.e., the 21st century. So, now, it might be more than that. Its popularity continues to grow. Football is a team sport where two teams play. Each group consists of eleven players, including a goal-keeper. It’s performed for ninety minutes with periods of fifteen minutes at maximum after completing twenty five minutes.


Today, the football game is preserved by 17 laws basically. All these are usually changed or modified by nations or areas. But at the global level, these are acknowledged. The rules incorporate every aspect of the game. It covers the physical factors, behavior, and duties. Physical elements comprise field measurements and the goal post, colour of the surface, shape and dimensions of the ball, player’s equipment, etc..

The movement towards world peace entails tough efforts from everybody, So the base started becoming involved in areas like the Central American nation of Belize and the Middle Eastern country of Jordan, Global Foundation for Peace retains its ground by giving even the smallest bit of hope to the disadvantaged minority,” Now, media is an essential instrument to spread consciousness Hence, the foundation also succeeds to achieve its objective by utilizing media and cross-marketing, Through the influence of multi-media and television, the organizers obtained the ownership of The Soccer Academy Television Show.

Thus, amateurs can play with a limit in efforts and energy. Pros should exercise more and provide attempts to abstain from injuries. Nonetheless, athletes who began playing early in life have lesser chances for injurious. Additionally, professionals are more aware of injuries with surplus training; they are said to have a minimal risk of injuries. But this does not indicate that they don’t get an injury. Amateurs should be equally conscious, even if it’s for enjoyment.

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