Shincheonji is a “new heaven and new earth”

Shincheonji Church of Jesus or generally Called shincheonji, is a new Christian faith in Korea. Lee man hee made the group, and lakhs of people all over the world follow the religion. According shincheonji teaching, lee forecasts that Jesus Christ sends him and may be the pastor. The publication of sin is written in a metaphor, and also the person to decipher the publication is lee. Early in the day lee was an active aspect of a band referred to as the olive tree.

Shincheonji could be the assembly of believers, and it all revolves round God.Jesus’ purpose was to create a church, and when looked over the phrase that’s interpreted church, there’s the Greek word ecclesia, which means a gathering and also an assembly of people out of their own home. Advocate of their church that was shincheonji, lee, the creator, chairman, assembled the church. The teaching may be different from the church, but it revolves around God. It is the central point for all occurring in the New Testament.

It comprises Japan, China, Hong Kong, along with other countries in South East Asia. The folks are packed with chambers in prayer services and have strong faith. The church also has surgeries in Wuhan in the Hubei real estate of china. The people of Shincheonji are increasing daily as lee person hee assured them to input”new heaven and new earth.” Lee is spiritual and believes in taking members. To obtain more information on Religious sect please head to

The opinions of shincheonji are very busy and have beliefs in anything they practice. The church is successful and extremely big, and need to be funny; followers’ range is sufficient to prove. Lee man hee is the warrior in the entire church in Korea who can translate the bible. He instructs people he has a gift and interprets the bible correctly. He just asks visitors to have trust in him, and he asserts to become immortal.

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